People often make healthy resolutions in January, and blogs created to chronicle those healthy lifestyles also were popular in January last year. But, healthy living doesn’t stop in February. This list of the 25 best healthy living blogs you may not be reading yet were created during and after January 2010. Learn from others, including dietitians, counselors, trainers, students and regular folks about how to get healthy, happy and fit. [click to continue…]

YouTube is such a wealth of information. In fact, you can find out pretty much anything you want to know by going there. If your interest lies in medicine or the human body, there are some great videos on YouTube you should check out. There is clearly so much about our own bodies that most of us don

The National Library of Medicines, with the aid of advancement in technology, has put in place online Medical Encyclopedias that include thousands of entries on different diseases, their signs and symptoms and possible procedures that can effectively be employed during treatment. These online medical encyclopedias are equipped with extensive libraries of various medical photographs and illustrations provided on the same. All disease entries are defined and relevant information such as causes, related incidences; outlined risky factors and possible treatment set ups are outlined. Since populations have turned to the internet for diagnosis about their illnesses and treatment methods, the commonly used online medical encyclopedias are as below.

The Medline Plus
This has over time served as a primary source of medical related information for doctors, learners and students.

EKG Tech Online

August 22, 2009

EKG technology is an important part of the medical practice, yet there is an acute shortage of EKG technicians in hospitals and other health facilities. The work of an EKG technician involves carrying out tests to determine patients