25 Best Healthy Living Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

January 19, 2011

People often make healthy resolutions in January, and blogs created to chronicle those healthy lifestyles also were popular in January last year. But, healthy living doesn’t stop in February. This list of the 25 best healthy living blogs you may not be reading yet were created during and after January 2010. Learn from others, including dietitians, counselors, trainers, students and regular folks about how to get healthy, happy and fit.

The following blogs are categorized by season, and each link is listed by creation month.

SkiingWinter 2010

  1. A Healthy Dad: Brandon, age 28, weighted 290 pounds in December 2009. He started this blog as a chronicle of his journey to get healthy, be happy, and live a more fulfilling life with his family (January).
  2. Fitness Cheerleader: This blog is for moms who struggle to lose those few last pounds of baby weight, struggling to eat healthy, struggling to be a positive role model for children. Janice is a working mom and works hard to fit fitness into her life (January).
  3. Happy Healthy Place: A 20-something-year-old strives to keep her life in its “Healthy Happy Place.” This television producer and ACE Certified Physical Trainer lives one day at a time and works hard to stay happy and fit (January).
  4. The Happiness in Health: Jessie lives healthy and loves good food — she’s learning how to combine these two passions in studies to become a registered dietitian. Because not everyone can become an RD and learn the ins and outs of nutrition, she shares what she learns (January).
  5. Writing To Wellness: This self-professed “Vanilla Oprah” tries to figure out why she gained weight (up to 327 pounds) and is working through a process to gain control of her habits of binge eating (January).
  6. Healthy Living Blogs: This Web site is designed to enhance the positive community of the healthy living blog world. Bloggers and readers can explore the site and find more blogs to love, fellow bloggers in their area, and forums to deepen healthy discussion and support (February).
  7. Truly Vibrant Holistic Health Blog: As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, this blogger helps clients live healthier, happier lives using practical advice and actionable recommendations that fit their goals and lifestyle (February).
  8. True Food Movement: No matter if you’re vegan or an omnivore, learn how to eat well and love the planet through the tips offered in this blog. The True Food Movement grew out of an online friendship between Lisa Johnson and Diane Mulholland, both fitness professionals (March).
  9. Vegan Booty: Ali is a 27-year-old law student who created this blog as a record of her quest to be a better, healthier, stronger version of herself. Follow her as she trains for her first Ironman competition. She’s also a vegan (March).

JoggingSpring 2010

  1. Nourish and Flourish: Sara is a 25-year-old soon-to-be grad student who is passionate about food, fitness, faith, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Follow her quest to create balance in her life as she works towards a dietetics degree and MPH in nutrition (April).
  2. Group Health Connects: The purpose of this blog is to support and connect all of the passionate Group Health staff and members who are active in the community. The goal of this blog is to establish a “staff to staff/member to member” online meeting place where people can connect, recruit, share and motivate (May).
  3. Health Blog: The Online Health Blog was started to bring you the latest Health information and news. Topics include: acne, allergies, anti-aging, cancer, dental care, diseases, hair loss, health tips, mental health, nutrition, smoking, skin care and weight loss (June).
  4. RAW Living and Learning: This blog is about the raw living foods diet and children learning by example. This Christian blogger shares tips, recipes, thoughts, and information on homeschooling and raising their five children (June).
  5. Vitamin Amy: Amy is a 23-year-old master’s student currently studying to become a registered dietitian. She has a huge interest in healthy living, fitness and food, and tries to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle by cooking healthy meals, exercising regularly, eating her favorite treats, and enjoying life (June).

SwimmingSummer 2010

  1. A Baby Carrot: We all have out different views on what is healthy eating, clean eating, and what in the end of it really “Works for ourselves” because we are all individuals. Genesis, a young girl active in running, cooking, and leading a vegetarian lifestyle, writes this blog (August).
  2. A Balanced Day: Adrienne is an emotional eater and yo-yo dieter that is trying to break the cycle. She created this blog to chronicle her journey as she finds a balance between dating, parties and more with healthy eating and fitness all while trying to stay motivated through life’s ups and downs (August).
  3. ‘Nati Girls Run: Megan and Kathleen, two Cincinnati natives who have been best friends since gradeschool, seek new and exciting ways to regain health and fitness in their early thirties (August).
  4. The Habit of Healthy: Stacey considers herself average in almost every way; she is not a health freak, gourmet chef or fitness fanatic — just an average girl trying her best to lead a healthy, balanced life in the UK (August).
  5. Whole Foodie Fitness: Sarah is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She loves strength training and food, and she writes to show how food & fitness pair so well together. She believes that healthy living is all about balance (August).
  6. Yuppie Yogini: After Nicole began reading healthy living blogs in January 2010, she wanted to jump on the bandwagon and start her own blog. The result is the life of a Yuppie Yogini, or your “basic middle class, white, southern girl,” who now is convinced that a “natural and holistic lifestyle is where it’s at” (August).

GymFall 2010

  1. The Balanced Bicyclist: Happiness is more important to this blogger than being a certain size, so she’s trying to embrace her body and treat it well. “It’s much more fun living just simply to be happy” (September).
  2. This and That’s Highway to Health: Two young women are on a mission to discover all of the best places in Adelaide (Australia) to get healthy and looking great inside and out. They’ll be trying facials, aligning their chakras and pumping iron, all to find out what Adelaide has to offer (September).
  3. Veggie Couture: Gina is a major foodie, and cooking and baking are so much fun for her. She is a vegetarian, avoiding dairy whenever possible, but she’s not quite ready to label herself as a vegan, yet. She also enjoys running and working out at the gym (September).
  4. A Healthy Shot of Life: Katy is a graduate student living at home until she becomes a full time teacher. In the meantime, she wants you to follow her on her journey as she learns to lead a balanced, happy and healthy life (October).
  5. Weight Loss: Bruce Elers, Sheila Sye and May Zuma, three thirty-something parents fed up with being overweight and out of work decided to develop this blog. Their goal was to put together a collection of resources and articles with diet tips, weight loss plans and fitness strategies (November).

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